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Out of Bounds

  • Free Agent Buzz: With Opt Out, LeBron James Stays in Full Control

    Leverage, the rarest of feats for professional athletes, has become LeBron James' middle name.  By informing the Cavaliers that he's opting out of his contract and becoming a free agent on July 1, James remains in full control -- as much or more than he was at any point during the NBA Finals. Read More
  • Phil Mickelson's $3 Million Linked to Money Laundering Case

    Phil Mickelson has been in the news more for potential illegal financial activity than he has for winning golf tournaments over the last two years. First, Lefty was tied up in a potential insider trading extravaganza.  Now, a sports gambling ring and money laundering story. ESPN is reporting that almost $3 million of Mickelson's cash was transferred to someone who could get 60 years in prison for money laundering and illegal sports betting. Read More
  • HOF Voters: Deflategate Won't Affect Tom Brady's Legacy

    The underlying issue with the entire Deflategate saga isn't so much about Tom Brady being punished as it is Tom Brady being tarnished. "Brady's legacy" is a phrase used far too often these past few months. Could sitting out games for knowledge of Deflategate hurt the public perception of Brady over the long haul. Doesn't seem likely. Maybe non-Patriots fans will rail about New England's advantageous behavior but that's nothing new. Read More